Summer Sonic出演決定!

8/19&20に開催される、国内最大級の都市型フェス”SUMMER SONIC TOKYO”に


今年より新たにできる新ステージSPACE ODD内のサマソニヨガ “YOGA & MUSIC & MIND PEACE”にて、20日(日)に、ディジュリドゥのGOMAさんと、モデルの “メロディー洋子”さんと一緒にステージにたちます。




Nalu Magazine 7月号

Nalu Magazine7月号より、Yoga x Surfing の連載を始めることになりました。



そんな二つを繋げる事ができる この機会に感謝です。


Starting a Yoga x Surfing series on Nalu Magazine.

I'm so grateful for this opportunity to connect two of my favorite things!




Deus yoga

先週より、Deus Yogaが始まりました❤️


好きな音楽をかけて 、昔よく観ていた大好きなOne California Dayというムービーをバックにヨガ。






Soul Practiceとは自分の魂が喜ぶ習慣のこと。



私にとってdeus yogaはそんな時間でした。 






Started teaching at Deus ex Machina in Harajuku. Good vibes all around. Hope you can join me for some vinyasa and amazing coffee and delicious granola after! 

Shaka Pressed Juice

As many of you know, my husband and I opened a cold-pressed juice shop in Honolulu!!!

Shaka Pressed Juice is located on Monsarrat Ave. We offer a variety of cold pressed juices made with fresh vegetables. We source most of our produce locally, and all of our juices are made in the store. 

I wanted to open a juice shop because I love the feeling of being healthy. Our goal is to empower our community to choose a healthy lifestyle.

Please support us at:

3118 Monsarrat Ave. Honolulu HI 96815


Beats Through Vinyasa Playlist from Wanderlust

Wanderlust O'ahu!!!

I am SUPER thrilled to announce that I'll be teaching at Wanderlust O'ahu!!!!

This is like a yogi's dream come true! 


Wanderlust is an all-out celebration of mindful living through yoga, meditation, music, food and nature! 

The festival will be taken place at the beautiful Turtle Bay Resort on the North Shore of O'ahu.


I'm so honored to be teaching 5 classes! 

Please check out my schedule here. Sign up while you can!!!



Much aloha to all the support♥︎♥︎




PosesEmpower is an amazing yoga event which all of the profit goes to Mental Health America of Hawaii to help prevent teen suicide and bullying.

I went last year and it was such a great event!

I love events like this which brings the yoga community together for one cause. 

Big respect to Power Yoga Hawaii!


November 22nd at the Modern.






This happened this past sunday!!! 

YES! I'm going to be the next Lululemon ambassador!! 

It was such a surprise! I't made is even more special because Lululemon girls did a little flashmob!!

It really meant so much to me that my CPY family were there too. 

I'm so lucky to be in this community of love and I'm SO excited to represent my favorite brand!


Thank you to all of you who have supported me.

So much gratitude to you.


Vino & Vinyasa


One of my favorite classes to teach is Vino & Vinyasa at Moana Surfrider.

Not only you practice on the beach during the sunset, you get to have some vino after and mingle.


The September event was so special because we celebrated International Month of Yoga. 

Almost 100 yogis were there and it was such an amazing night! 



This month my dear friend Laura Mary Flynn will be teaching on Oct. 22nd.

I hope you can go:)


Check Moana Surfrider's website for more detail!


I got up and went surfing this morning. The waves were small but it was beautiful.

Sometimes, I forget how lucky I am to be living in Hawaii. Surfing is definitely a good reminder for that.